The meaning of independence or death

In August, we have just the nation of Indonesia celebrate the Country's independence to 73 years. As we know from history lessons, stories, and movies we watch, the warriors and heroes of our nation, in the Indonesia independence, they fight depleted the shit out and has a very strong determination to breathe in the air freedom – freedom, so that they have the fighting spirit and the slogan "Independence or death".

With that spirit, determination, and tenacity that was exceptional, though, with all the limitations of existing armaments, eventually the nation Indonesia managed to accomplish what it aspired to be a free nation, became independent on 17 August 1945.

As befits a nation that is struggling to achieve future goals of freedom and independence, as well as individuals, we certainly have future goals to achieve independence, freedom in the form of space and time. As I told you in my previous writings, writings and books Property Cash Machine, after a struggle, finally my wife and manages to embody the ideals of freedom of money and time through investment property and businesses.

The process of travel we do to reach this stage is a process similar to the Warrior Nation Indonesia while grabbing and realize the dreams of the independence of the nation of Indonesia 73 years ago, with big dreams, great spirit, determination and extraordinary tenacity to face various challenges in the process of reaching for the freedom of the money and time that we dreamed of.

At this time I would like to ask from a sincere heart to you: 
have you had dreams of Independence in terms of money and time? When you answered already.
My next question is, do you dare you to struggle to make it happen in your life? When you answer a dare.

My next question is, have you have strong determination and extraordinary tenacity to face the various challenges that you will face? If you answered already .! then I would say; PROVE yourself, prove on your family, that you are able to realize the independence of money and time in your life.

I know, at this time some of you, might in itself be said like this. Yes. but how? The situation I currently don't support, my family doesn't support me, my financial condition does not support, does not support my work, my parents did not support, etc.

My question is: is our nation's warriors, as they battle equipped with armament super weaponry, or just what it is with the spoils, spiky bamboo, machete, swords, etc.? Whether they're wearing uniforms, hats, boots and bulletproof vests . or just dressed up as-is with just a red and white headbands, and shoes, sandals or even Holey barefoot.

Just like our condition while struggling embodies the independence of time and money, we did not come from wealthy families who can provide our venture capital, Jakarta, that entrants only with what it is. Even the existing capital, the result of our hard work, savings had gone bankrupt because we run out ludes senseless in ' 99 and 2000.

But we remain confident and believe that we can and deserve to be independent, so we keep battling, even I had to split away for 2 years with my wife and our children. Until finally we managed to achieve what we dreamed of through Property Cash Machine system, a strategy to build wealth through property without capital.

Well if the fighters nation we can realize the dream of independence of our country, with all its limitations at that time, if my wife and can realize the dreams of our freedom, with all the limitations and challenges that we faced at that time, if the PCM workshop alumni friends can successfully realize his dream through the Property Cash Machine system, then I'm sure and believe you too can surely.

So, my friends .! will sure keep your dreams, keep fighting to make it happen, keep striving for more developed again, better yet, to achieve any dream of you and your family. And you too can follow what we've done with reading and putting into practice what has been shared in the book "Property Cash Machine" and the book "property without capital, 60-day profit 1 billion.

And if you need guidance as well as direct consultations with me, join the workshop Property Cash Machine that normally we arrange. INDEPENDENT.

Let us together be Adsense publishers so that we can be independent of the slump.

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