The meaning of nationalism according to some expert

The sense of nationalism and Forms.

The sense of Nationalism – we certainly have very often heard the word Nationalism, what else when we sit on the bench, almost every day we find the word Nationalism, but not everyone understands what the meaning of nationalism itself, Thus on this occasion, the friend of will try to discuss it to friends all, so that later the friends could be helped by the existence of the article entitled Understanding Nationalism. Nationals is generally understood that creating and maintaining the sovereignty of a country which has a purpose and goals together for the national interest. whereas according to the great dictionary of Indonesian Language, nationalism is derived from the word "national" and "ISM" that understand the meaning of the national consciousness and spirit of love of the fatherland, have a sense of pride as a nation, or maintain the honor of the nation.

The sense of Nationalism is Simply the spirit of nationality, the nationality, i.e. the spirit of feeling love or feeling love for the nation and motherland surpasses anything. While in General, the sense of Nationalism is understood that creating and maintaining the sovereignty of a country that has a purpose or ideas together for national interests.

With the practice of Nationalism appears to be a movement that fought for or maintain independence/freedom, prosperity or interests other than anything today. Adherents called Nationalism with the Nationalists. We often also hear/meet the term national State that sincerity is a State that includes Government and recognized throughout the area of the country.

The sense of Nationalism according to some experts the nationalist.

IR. Soekarno.

pillars of the strength of the colonized peoples to gain independence.


The sense of nationalism is the strength and continuity of national sentiment with a selfish nation.

Lothrop Stoddard.

Nationalism as a symptom of psychological Sense of nationalism which says that the sense of nationalism is a State of soul or a belief shared by a large number of human beings so that they form a nationality.

Joseph Ernest Rehan.

Willingness for unity without coercion in the spirit of equality and citizenship.

H. Kohn.

Nationalism is a political principle which assumes that national and political unit is supposed to be balanced.

Prof. Dr. M. Dimyani Hartono. SH.

a sense of love of country that cannot be removed from a sense of patriotism.

Ernest Gellenervia.

Nationalism is a balance between a sense of national political power against the people with.

Nationalism let properties must exist in the soul of a nation, because of the absence of a sense of nationalism in the soul of every nation, then what happens is the civil war, the war of the tribes as often we see lately, because that is important for us to continue to maintain a sense of Nationalism on the inside to avoid the things we don't want, as has happened in the past, a sense of nationalism created a solid Community, the unity between each other, struggling along, without nationalism, then Indonesia would not necessarily independence, because independence could be achieved due to the efforts together with one goal in common.

Is there any Nationalism that consists of various forms of, well whatever forms of nationalism that, let's take a look together, and remember my younger sisters made that finding the task, don't forget in case Kasi tau ya, all of his friends if you guys can information from the website

Forms Of Nationalism.

Nationalism and citizenship (civic nationalism).

Nationalist happens where the country gained political correctness from the active participation of its people. Membership of a nation is voluntary. This form of nationalism was built first by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the subject of his writing. Among his well-known book entitled Du Contract Social (the social contract).

Ethnic nationalism or ethnonationalism.

Nationalism happened where the country gained political correctness of ethnic origin or culture of a society. Membership of a nation is hereditary. As he is a person of Java because parents and ancestors descended from Java. He uses the Java language since the language was used by her parents and the people before.

Romantic nationalism.

an ethnic form of nationalism in which the State obtains political correctness as a natural (organic) and an expression of the nation or race. Romantic nationalism emphasized ethnic culture in accordance with romantic idealism. An example is a folklore (folklore) "Brothers Grimm" is taken from the writings of Herder is a collection of stories that relate to ethnic Germany. Cultural nationalism is nationalism in which the State obtains a shared culture of political correctness and non-hereditary such as skin color or race or language. An example is the Chinese people who consider the country based on a shared culture. Elements of the race have been pushed back so that the minorities have been regarded as China's willingness to use the Qing dynasty Chinese customs also proves the integrity of Chinese culture.

State nationalism.

State nationalism is a variation of nationalism of citizenship, which is often combined with ethnic nationalism. In his State of the nation, nationalism is a community that provides contributes towards maintenance and strength of the country. Examples of State nationalism is fascism of Italy embraced the slogan of Mussolini: Tutto Nello state, niente al di Fuori Dello Stato, nulla control lo state (everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State). It is not surprising if nationalism is at odds with the ideals of individual freedom and the principle of liberal democracy.

Religious Nationalism.

Nationalism in which the State acquired the political legitimacy of the equation of religion. Like the spirit of nationalism in Ireland were sourced from the Hindu religion. However, for most of the nationalist groups. religion is just a symbol and is not the primary motivation.

So the sense of Nationalism and also form the shape of the nationalism itself, the sister of the younger brother could also read a previous article I've previously shared the sense of patriotism and also form the shape of patriotism itself, I am very hope with this website I can help my friends and my younger brother in Indonesia to further Internet literacy, i.e. a positive internet that can support and facilitate the learning of our Nations so that Indonesia could be a hit in the pan, because a lot of people learned that said later, Indonesia is a place of reflection on new permaban, either when that time but it will happen, let's start from now we improve ourselves from our private and our families, hopefully, we can be a nation that is becoming a reflection of every country in the world.

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